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ABOUT OUR courses

We are following our own academic system to train our students.. . Our training programme is strictly with practical implementation and wth personal attention. Very few programmes only we are conducting as batches and for a group of students. Majority of our programmes are conducted as gurukula system and individual classes (customized way).

Therapeutic Courses

It is necessary to provide maximum practical oriented training and self-empowerment educational system to the physicians. It is helpful for them to implement their theoretical knowledge for their successful career. As a subsidiary part we are interested to train them about the modern system and usages. (Reading of scanning reports, electronic graphs etc) To provide basic Sanskrit education to understand the terms in Ayurveda.


BPM Thereapy (Therapist)

–  Only for physicians

3 Months
Mode of session
Strictly with hospital practice

BPM Thereapy (Consultant)

–  Only for physicians

45 days
Mode of session
Strictly with hospital practice

BPM Thereapy (Certificate course)

  •  Therapeutic support and mangament of   Dementia
  •  Therapeutic support and mangament of    Parkinsonism
  •  Certificate courses on Relaxation and General pain care.
  •  Brain Damages and neurological issues
  •  Back bone & Spine therapy
21 Days
Mode of session
Theory classes & hospital practice

PG Diploma course

2 years
Mode of session
After Medical graduation

Yoga & Integrated Courses

Exclusive yoga courses based on the science of Kriya Yoga for: Neuro-refreshment and relaxation Immunity Improvement and Women's care

Therapeutic Yoga

21 days or 42 hours
Mode of session
Training based on therapy aspects and endocrinology study.


(7 days x 2hours) + 90 days practice
Mode of session
Yoga for immunity development and neurological refreshment..

Womencare programme

Mode of session​

Programme is mainly focused on gynaecological issues

Triple Teen

Mode of session
Training programme to handle teenege issues and school going students upto 9th


15 days /30 hours
Mode of session​

Yoga for consciousness and awakening. This is an integrated approach of hadhayoga, Pranayam and consciou observation method of micro-cosmic energies and its movement allover the body.

Paathanjaleeya Yogasuthram

3 Months (72 hours)
Mode of session
Theory & Initiation practices. Theoretical study of Pathanjaleeya Yogasutram and simple initiations for regular practice.


Stomach toning programme

Consultant Training
5 days Practical oriented course
3 hours sessions
Therapist training
1/2 days training (5hrs).

Allure Care is promoted by Preventia Wellness, a SBU of Preventia group. The team preventia is in healthcare area since 2005. 

Through out these years Prevetia conducted many clinical and lab oriented researches related with various health issues and its solution with method of non-internal mediines and no chemical usage. 

our inspiration fountain head

VPSRC is the study and research wing which is also guided by Dr. Hareesh

Dr. Hareesh is the founder of BPM Therapy system of training, developer of herbal preparations under Herbosure, 9 stage Chandrakalayaoga method, Koumudi Kriya -the women care yoga, Reflections’- the relaxation programme, Principle founder SATORI music and author of the books behind this developments.

In additions to LUMINOUS Trust, he is inspiration behind Preventia health care, Inpire Health care, The Awakening Yoga team and SATORI Music wing.

‘An Illuminator’ is by Dr. Hareesh is providing consultancy service, online classes and busienss advice for Ayurvedic and stress care centers.

Online classes are available for theory sessions

General classes


Music empowerent and sound management

Meditation and habitual formation