Mental Health

Integrated approach on Indian Psychology and Modern Mental Health concepts

Modern psychology is advanced and is able to sort out almost all categories of life-style disorientations and mental health issues. It explains each and every corners of the enigma concerning our day to day life. Inspite of this, the modern psychologists are struggling to explain various phenomena which are later transferred to Para- psychology. Indian psychological approaches are able to explain the situations on both conditions together, but still the Indian version remains under a shadow.

Although the Indian methods and philosophies are not properly utilised for education purpose and most concepts have been taken over by modern psychologists without giving any credit to our heritage developments. 

Practical Psychology

'Practical psychology' is a result oriented implementation project developed under the researches and studies of our Chairman Dr. A S Hareesh. These methods include, psycho neurological studies, neuro-physiological studies, Endocrinology and behavior sciences. This method focuses on developing personal abilities to handle various levels of stress and to release the stress related impressions from the body.

As part of this project  we conduct TOT (Training of Trainers) programmes for various professionals corporates and business people.   


Comparitive studies on Indian & Westerm Psychology

6 months

Studies on Heritage Indian overviews of mind behaviour and life-style management. The course offered with comparitive study on modern and ancient principles with practical implementations.

SAMAGRA: Customized certificate

3 days / 15 hours

It is the part of professional training programme under practical psychology. These procedures are suitable to supports professional, corporates and business people for their career development and milestone achievements.

Reflections' - CWT

7 days certificate course / 3 days crash course

Diploma In Practical Psychology

1 year 50 sessions * 3 hours

Certificate course In Practical Psychology

6 months 24 sessions * 3 hours

Advanced certificate course in Mental Health

Only for psychologists / physicians